Autumn 2020 Tuesday 1st September
Autumn Half-Term Friday 23rd October Monday 2nd November
Christmas 2020 Tuesday 15th December Monday 4th January
February Half-Term Friday 12th February Monday 22nd February
Spring Break Thursday 1st April Monday 19th April
Summer Half-Term Friday 28th May Monday 7th June
Summer 2021 Wednesday 14th July




What to bring in your bag on your first day:

(Please label everything)

  • Slippers 
  • Outdoor shoes 
  • Spare clothes 
  • Nappies and wipes (if still in nappies)
  • Healthy packed lunch (if staying for lunch)
  • A water bottle

What to do on your first day:

  • Mummy or Daddy (or carer) sign you in at the gate
  • Hang your coat and bag up on a coat hook
  • Find your name (on an apple) and stick it on our self-registration tree (main hall)
  • Explore all the fun activities and toys at pre-school
  • When you’re ready, say bye to Mummy or Daddy and they will come back to collect you later
  • Have fun!


We are kind and considerate to each other

We share our toys

We take turns with our friends

We eat our snack sitting with our friends

We listen to instructions and respond appropriately

We care for those who are upset

We help tidy up after we have had the toys out

Our uniform is available to order, embroidered with our motif.

Polo Shirts in Navy-blue, Red and Yellow.

Sweatshirts Navy-blue, Purple and Red.

Fleece jackets in Royal-blue or Red

Sweatshirts £9.00

Polo Shirts £6.50

Fleece £12.00

Payment is required at time of ordering.

Please note, orders are none refundable

Love, love, love Whitegate Pre-School. The staff are the best!!!!Always there ready with a cuddle for ***** if she needs it! Love all the different activity stations you set out like the vets/hairdressers/work place. I think it’s fab!!!!


Fantastic set up, exceptional staff who are very loving towards the children. Love the shows and how our key person keeps me informed.  Perfect setting to prepare kids for primary school. Great facilities.


The difference in ******* since starting Whitegate has been amazing, he loves going and looks forward to each session. He appears to be making friends and is confident talking to all staff. Thank you for your caring and encouraging environment and staff.


We are extremely pleased with how much ****** has progressed/developed since starting Whitegate Pre-School Nursery.


A lovely environment for my daughter to learn, especially with the animals and fields at the back to the school.

When asked what they liked best about our pre-school;

Dressing up and being a crocodile, playing outside, eating my lunch

Playing with my friends, singing nursery rhymes

Playing games on the iPad, painting, everything!

Playdough, building, bikes, outside, Mrs ****, dolls house, painting, making cakes, fishes

Playing with babies, playing outside, the nativity

Playing hide and seek, playing space rockets and playing cats with ***. I like everything!”

Dressing up and playing games

Painting and dancing

Play dough, my friends, playing with building bricks, I like my teachers, playing outside, making things, having fun, baking

All the cars and outdoor bikes. I love my teachers

I like sitting in the back room because I like singing. I like playing with my friends, colouring and making things.